Plucking up the courage to ring Jane for the first time turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Having tried various traditional types of therapy with little success I was desperate to find someone who could make a connection with my high functioning autistic daughter. She was struggling at school and this was affecting home life too. When we first met Jane we were a family in crisis and despair. Jane has the first-hand experience of raising an autistic child so understands and instinctively knows how to go about talking things in a way that my daughter can access. Role-playing different outcomes to real life situations enables her to understand how to communicate and socially interact with her peers for better results. The unexpected consequence of getting Jane on-board was the amazing amount of support and hope she has given our entire family. Jane has a genuine concern for the families she helps and guides them through the special kind of parenting needed to restore family life. From the moment I picked up the phone to Jane that first day it felt like someone finally ‘got it’ and over time this has given us the confidence to believe that we can look forward to a happy and successful future for our daughter.


Jane has been working with us as a family since spring 2018 to support our 10-year-old daughter. Jane’s unique approach and her tailored therapy has worked wonders in that it has made us whole again. The family therapy which is ongoing begins from the inside out, making it all natural, easy and spontaneous.

Jane’s extensive expertise and knowledge has renewed and stabilized our understanding if how to support our daughter in a way that will help her to access life in a happy, calm and specialized way. The negative energy we had built up over the years as a young family trying to cope has been transformed into positivity and I can’t thank Jane enough for all she does for us and the amazing progress we have made since April 2018.



Joshua was 4 when we first met Jane and he had been diagnosed on the spectrum for just over 2 years. At that point, we’d tried a number of therapies unsuccessfully either due to there suitability to Joshua or our family life. It was quickly apparent even after our first telephone call that Jane was on our wavelength.

Joshua had an extremely limited vocabulary and generally used his favourite words inappropriately or repeated constantly. On Jane’s first visit she immediately engaged with Joshua on his level through fun and games and by the end of the first session Joshua was asking for his favourite items. The play and engagement Jane taught us were very easy for us to carry on ourselves and we quickly started implementing them into our daily routines and even involved Joshua’s elder brother which really helped them to bond.

Jane has been a huge emotional support to us as parents, she’s helped us as a family to bring a relative level of normality to our lives. Joshua started at a mainstream school this last September and is engaging with his peers on levels we never would have imagined 12 months prior. We have a long road ahead with Joshua development but now with the help of Postive Paths we as a family are really upbeat and prepared for whatever may be ahead and feel very positive about Joshua’s future.

Matt and Jo

Jane Atkinson has been working with us at Pinchmill Lower School to support us in the development of a child with ASD. The child joined us in September last year in our Reception Class, we are a small rural lower school and had very little experience in this field. With a positive attitude and focussed support, I am delighted with the progress the child has made. At the beginning, he did not speak much, was in nappies and was quite aggressive towards the other children at times.

Jane has visited the school and worked with us alongside the family, to develop a cohesive approach to the child’s development. The child has had a complete change of diet which has had a dramatic effect on him in many ways, he has become much more co-operative and engaged in the classroom, he is less aggressive and his speech is developing. It was also remarkable that he was toilet trained over a half-term holiday, 1 week, and has had no toilet accidents since.

Jane fully supports us in our efforts to provide the most appropriate learning experiences and is always available to guide us if issues arise. Through her own first-hand experience and knowledge she has helped us to enable the child to develop, and for the education, he has received to be meaningful and worthwhile for him. Working together with Jane and the parents has been an experience I would recommend to anyone in this situation.

Vanessa Coleman


I am unable to put into words how much Jane has helped both my son and I. As a parent of a young man with autism and challenging behaviour, I was exhausted and in a very dark place when she came into our lives. With patience and expertise, Jane not only gave strategies that worked for us, but I also found myself seeing our whole situation through brand new eyes – and noticed things about my son’s behaviour I had somehow not picked up on before.

This helped me build my own strategies and gave me the confidence and strength I needed to carry on helping him after an extremely difficult few years. My only regret is that we did not meet her sooner. Jane not only gave us hope for the future, but she also showed us a different way to ‘be’ that really worked.

I wasn’t simply bumbling around in the dark anymore, I had a clear plan and the most amazing support from a very special lady. Thank you, Jane.

Cindy, London


Hi Jane – thanks for seeing Kerry the other Saturday.

We must say you really seemed to connect, her eyes seemed to light up as soon as she saw you. We had given up on Kerry ever talking but watching Kerry with you gave us new hope.

We are working hard with her but believe you could be a big help.
Hope you can meet Kerry again soon!

Take care
Ron and Lynne


Our 5-year-old daughter Hannah was diagnosed with what was described as “severe” Autism at 2 years 7 months, back in June 2008. Since then, I’ve researched every kind of therapy or intervention you can imagine, and have been given conflicting advice about what might help Hannah to develop as fully as possible.

The speech and language therapist seems to have given up any hope of Hannah ever speaking (and is concentrating on teaching Hannah PECS) so it was great to meet Jane, a Mum who’d already been through a similar experience, who reassured me that there is hope for Hannah and even to actually hear Hannah make an attempt at saying a word (Drink).

On advice from Jane, we’ve had radically reduced the sugar in her diet and we have seen improvements in her behaviour in the short 2 weeks since we started the reduced sugar diet and introduced some vital supplements.

Hannah is calmer, able to concentrate better and is making lots of new sounds which we are encouraging and hope they will develop into speech.

The advice Jane gave us about interacting and playing with Hannah is practical and down to earth and we are able to fit it around our family life.

Although its early days for Hannah, I have far more confidence and hope that she can achieve so much more than was first predicted for her and my only regret is that I didn’t hear about Positive Path Play therapy until recently.

Pauline, Abingdon


It was an absolute delight to have Jane in our home and to work with our family. We have done so much to help our son in his journey with autism but reached a point where we didn’t know where to go next…….but Jane did. She gave us the courage to continue with our journey and to try to break some of those “maternal” habits you get yourselves into!

So thank you, Jane, we have a lot more to work on now.
Dawn, Preston


Positive Path have been absolutely brilliant with helping me with my son Peter. I am more positive with my son and have already seen a improvement with him. Jane is amazing. She is always on the end of the phone giving support and advice. I am very lucky 2 have met her.

Rachel, Peterborough


“Through Jane’s help and partnership, we have learned how to implement “super parenting”, understand to communicate with our son more effectively and most importantly, help him to have the tools to deal with life, social, school, home and life situations on his own. It is a long journey but one we are glad we started with Jane and one we hope will come to an end with no support needed from anyone”