Welcome To Positive Path .... the first steps to a brighter future for your child

Here at Positive Path we believe that any therapy for autistic children should be engaging, motivating and most importantly FUN!

Positive Path ENCOURAGE the children to behave and gain speech skills which results in spontaneous natural interaction.

Positive Path fully DEMONSTRATES to the parents/carers the skills you need to engage and motivate your child through all the phases of progression which is not just limited to a playroom but through all aspects of everyday living.

Positive Path has been set up by the Mothers of two autistic children - George and Jack.

George and friend cuddling

The mothers met when Jack's mother was actively looking for play therapy that would suit Jack. The therapy had to be both effective and realistic. After looking down many different avenues she finally fell upon a thread on a forum that mentioned George's mother Jane's work and the partnership began!

Jack spoke his first words in his very first session working with Jane since he regressed with autism at the age of 18 months old.

Jane has been working in this field since George’s diagnosis of severe autism at the age of 2 years old. Jane’s background in drama and teaching helped immensely combined with her passion to devise play therapy that would change George’s future forever and since many more children and parents have benefitted from Jane’s expertise.

Positive Path is a combination of many known and new techniques that is tailored to suit your individual child’s needs and abilities.

George with Jane

Positive Path's service doesn't end once the playroom session finishes, we are on hand to provide parent-to-parent support - we all know that being parents of autistic children can be stressful, upsetting and sometimes daunting. We provide emotional support in whatever area you feel you would like to discuss and don’t operate within standard office hours.


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